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A business is like an immune system full of antibodies.

When exposed to unfamiliar elements like digital transformation, your company’s immune system is likely to attack. High costs, low team morale, and lack of time, are just some of the antibodies that’ll get in your way. But digital change isn’t a disease, it’s a necessity.

Learning is the antidote that’ll stop your business’s immune system from attacking.

What kind of learning is best suited for workers in the digital age?

The right kind of learning is one where employers can provide workers with the freedom and structure to learn, while allowing them to direct their own learning.

This means you’re looking for a learning system that’s:

  • Highly personalised for the individual learner and adapts well to their learning style
  • Easy to update in the changing digital economy
  • Engaging to employees so that they’ll want to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Accessible and multi-platform so learning can happen in your worker’s own time.

Don’t forget to check on the health of your business’s learning

Setting quarterly training targets is a great way to check if your workers are on the right track. When you talk about learning on a regular basis, you’re helping your company adopt a learning culture.

What happens if you don’t adopt a learning culture?

Staying within your business’s comfort zone is the ultimate threat to its health.

62 percent of New Zealand CEOs say that we lack the digital skills to stay competitive in the 21st century.

That’s why new knowledge, and bravery, is the key to digital success.

Health check

If you’re still not confident about your business’s learning, run it through our health check. We’ll help you find the right antidote to strengthen your business’s learning culture.

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