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Connecting content to people

We love content, we just hate the word. Author is a great word. Creator is better. Design is a magical word. Magic is the word that gets us up in the morning. And same is the word that sends us to sleep. Learn is an awesome word. And information is not. Skill isn’t bad, but craft is wonderful.

We’d like to say that our craft is to bring your creation to life. Or we could say, we are well versed in information design across all platforms, from printed books for learner readers to digital learning experiences for undergraduate degree candidates. But we won’t.

What we will say is that we help content creators, we help publishers and we help people learn (using your content, of course). We think that our smart learning tools give students and educators an edge.

And because we’ve figured out how to turn technology into publishing magic, like our Magic Door, our craft is getting much, much better.

We could say that our people are diverse, smart and highly motivated to learn about your needs and help you meet your goals. The truth is: we’re all in love with making magic for our clients.

“Smartwork isn’t just a design company, it is an exciting team of people with expert knowledge and an eye on the horizon.”

Dr Cheryl Doig