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The New Zealand dollar is a cost-effective currency for international publishers to get bulk work completed. We run the latest software and have a reputation for being hard-working, innovative thinkers. 

Our time difference works well for the US and Australian markets, with our day starting the earliest of them all.

We’ve recently taken 140+ books that were created for the Australian market and re-versioned these for the US market. This involved updating the existing files and taking in changes to the branding on the covers, title and imprint pages. We also made editors’ corrections, searched any images that needed changing for the text, and redesigned the learning activities at the back of the books as directed to make them appropriate for the new market. We then followed these through a proofing and review process before sending them to print and archiving to the publisher’s standard.

As you can imagine, a project of this size is not just about completing the on-screen design work, as it can quickly become a logistical headache if not tracked and managed properly. Our studio manager oversees the process, and all our designers record their time directly into our digital production system. This gives our clients much more control over their projects. They can choose to have one point of contact through our studio manager or work directly with the project designer. And at any time, we can issue progress reports on all the books, enabling everyone to manage time effectively and keep an eye on deadlines.

Another of our current studio projects is in its third year. In the wake of curriculum changes, we have updated the client’s material; the process requires us to meet their system requirements and work to set guidelines and templates. Each booklet requires image searching and the production of graphs, diagrams and maps. We have designed our own in-house system to quote on each individual book and report back fortnightly to the client. In return they send us a priority list to help manage the workflow and keep to their deadlines. It works perfectly and I’m sure they would be happy to talk with you directly if you’d like to hear about our service from a client’s perspective.

As all of the above is covered with confidentiality agreements I can’t show you a pretty picture of our work, so here’s a pic of Dexter, our studio manager, working hard instead. If you would like to know more, contact us.

Dexter looking very serious.

Dexter looking very serious.