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Data and creativity are like oil and water.
They don’t mix easily.

But when explorers and innovators find a way to mix the two together, they create powerful results.

Instead of being opposed to each other, data informs design and creativity. The intersection of data and creativity is what will help your business move into the future.

The Future of Work: Data and creativity

Why is mixing data and creativity so powerful?

In today’s economy, the value of a business is determined by the experience they create for their customers. Design creates the experience, while data focuses this design. When businesses use data to shape creative decisions, great customer experiences happen.

73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.


Using data analytics to inform design can help you:

Connect with your customers – Data analytics can help you design messages that matter the most to your customers, so that your social media and brand presence has a strong impact.
Create personalised content – Data can help you understand what your customers want, so you can create products they’ll want to buy.

So how can your business start mixing data and creativity?

The best way to spark creativity and innovation in your team is to incorporate a learning culture. Learning encourages exploration, innovation and problem solving – all the key components of creativity!

At Smartwork Creative, we operate at the intersection of data and creativity. We’re digital design experts who think outside of the box. If you need help developing an innovative learning culture, why not contact us?

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