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Yeap, it’s just like when only the priests could read and write. Before the people could read and the chap with the quill and parchment was called a scribe. He was the recorder – of stories, myths, gospel and history.

Evolution has happened yet again – and now Scribing is a term that has become quite modern. Instead this time round it describes a very talented illustrator who can go into meetings and record on a whole new level.

In our days of accountability with a need to show process, it’s the ideal way of capturing the emotion and decision making process that goes beyond words. You really have to try it and see how the images captured manage to cut through a lot of the unnecessary complexities that happen in conversation. By capturing illustrations, Scribing can clearly show the decision making process and make it easier to share.

In an era of visual communication and shorter attention spans for reading, this article and video captures the process nicely.

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