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It’s very rare to have the opportunity to help create a school identity from scratch. Normally we are asked to help correct and align the many different versions of logos a school ends up with over time.

Rolleston Christian School is brand new. It’s so new that they only had their first day operating from their new classrooms yesterday! Which gives ‘brand new’ a whole different meaning, as our job was to help the foundation team create their brand.

This look had to be right. They needed to send out the right message to the community from the very beginning. Plus it needed to be adaptable (signage, uniforms, stationary, advertising) while also saving room to grow so the community can have input and engagement. Just the type of fun challenge we like in our studio.

We started the branding process by looking at all the schools in the area and any other cool school brands we could find from around the world. The foundation team had input from this very early stage, saying which ones they liked and which colours stood out the most and reflected the Rolleston area. We all liked the earth colours that the rocky and dry land geographically gave us. From here it was how these were best use within the logo and school uniform. Here’s the final logo.

RCS_logo_new orange


The uniform was a slightly different challenge as time was short! We weren’t able to get material specially made and the number of starting pupils made the cost of this too expensive. Lucky the uniform suppliers had lots of suggestions and we were able to adjust and match our colour scheme so everything co-ordinated. The result is fresh and vibrant. I can’t wait to personally see all the children outside playing at lunch time.



Next came the advertising and getting the word out to the community. We wanted this school to start off with their positive image shining and everyone wanting to know more.


Then there was the website design. You can start to see the cohesiveness that is happening with this brand. It’s the perfect start to a new school. The next exciting stage will be to see the children themselves featured in the photographs.



All the very best Rolleston Christian School.