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Microlearning is one of the single most effective strategies that organisations can use to increase learning and retention of knowledge.

Here at Smartwork Creative we’ve seen strong results that demonstrate the effectiveness of microlearning strategies. We recommend including microlearning in any modern eLearning approach.

What is microlearning?

Do you have one minute and 23 seconds to watch a video? By the time you’ve watched this video you’ll have a good understanding of what microlearning is, and – even better – you’ll have participated in microlearning through video!

Microlearning is when we focus on a quick and precise piece of learning that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome. The idea is to offer only the correct amount of information necessary to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective. That’s it.

There are many advantages to microlearning that make it a compelling approach to effective training.

Microlearning . . .

  • is an effective follow-up to reinforce face-to-face or seminar training
  • is short, concise, and available on demand
  • is accessible from anywhere and on any device
  • breaks up complex ideas into small, easy-to-understand chunks
  • focuses on need-to-know information to cut through the noise
  • effectively achieves a specific learning outcome
  • facilitates learning despite short attention spans and busy schedules
  • is multi-format: video, gamification, quiz, AR, infographic, podcast
  • can be stand-alone or part of a wider training strategy
  • can be formal or informal
  • achieves knowledge retention.

Let’s recap.

If our goal is to increase an individual’s understanding of a complex idea, then a microlearning strategy is an effective way to achieve this, one small step at a time. Instead of getting confused or distracted, the learner gains knowledge piece by piece, ending up with a better understanding of the task at hand.

Over time, each piece of microlearning builds to create a series of new learnings; these contribute to better job performance as learners make progress.

Let’s talk delivery mechanisms.

Remember: microlearning is about short bursts of focused learning, any time, anywhere. So it makes sense to use a multi-platform approach. That means mobile, tablet or desktop, and even short, focused, informal workplace sessions. Microlearning can be delivered through an LMS as part of a wider learning strategy – or delivered as a bite-sized email. The content might be video, infographics, text, AR, pictures, quiz, or even game-based – whichever most effectively communicates the idea in a relevant way to the learner.

Key insight: microlearning is endlessly adaptable to your overall goals. That’s what makes it so powerful.

To learn more about how microlearning can help your organisation achieve your learning goals, talk to us. We’re eLearning experts, and we’re ready to help.