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These usually arrive in bulk and with a wonderful confidentiality clause attached, which means we can’t show you any pretty pictures here. But I can tell you about a three-month contract we completed last year that involved 64 books in 16 groups over three levels.

Our role was to source and commission illustrations for the non-fiction books and image-search across a variety of locations for the fiction books, following editors’ briefs and comments. We created spread designs for approval, then completed the layout to the publisher’s specifications. Once the local publisher had proofed the material, each book was uploaded to an international partner’s production system for review. We took in the corrections and reproofing from this stage before following the publisher’s requirements for finished art, uploading to the offshore printer and archiving.
Our digital production system was perfect for keeping track of a project like this: it enabled us to break each book down into stages, keep a record of all the designers’ time, and track delivery and return dates, so planning deadlines was a simple process. 
The pressure was on with this one, so our team expanded for the duration of the contract to make sure we were not lagging behind, and we succeeded. The client was extremely happy with how smoothly the whole process ran.
We love to take on large projects and we can also help with the editing if that would work better for you. We are able to give you detailed reports on progress whenever you require. We can also provide you with either a single point of contact for the whole team, or one-to-one contact directly with the designer, whichever you prefer.

Check out some examples in our portfolio.