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Last week, we left the comfort of our desks and went out onto the field, where we put our learning design to the test.

Kim and Aimee, our unofficial outreach team, visited one of our clients and sat down with their learners to hear first-hand what they thought of the learning experience we had created.

Were our designs up to scratch? 

These are the highlights we collected from the feedback forms. Even though they are specific to the courses we created for our client, you might find them helpful when you’re planning your next digital course.

Notes from Kim and Aimee:

Some popular requests from learners:

  • It would be great if we could track our progress.

  • Can we start anywhere in the module and navigate freely?

  • More interactive material please, these are great.

  • Love the links that take me right to the source.

What we learnt:

  • Colour is really important for grouping information and influencing decision-making.

  • Knowing why an answer is incorrect plays an important part in the learning process.

  • Long pages are confusing for finding navigation.

  • Learning should be a holistic experience: the way your learning modules interact with your LMS is very important!

Highlights of the day:

  • Learners became very engaged in what they were learning about and asked their trainers questions that went beyond what was included in the core module material.
  • One user commented, “I really like this and it’s much easier to use than a workbook.”

  • It was fantastic hearing learners say that they thought these courses were much more up to speed with modern tech capability.

Did you get any ideas from our feedback?

If you have a project or vision that you want to bring to life, give us a call, or take our health check to see whether your learning is up to scratch.

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