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eLearning for effective scenario-based customer service training.

Why customer service training?

Over the past few years, technology has disrupted businesses everywhere.

Studies have shown that 74% of consumer decisions are influenced by social media, so we know online content has certainly made an impact.

When it comes to successful customer relationships, it’s all about building trust. Training your staff in using scenario-based customer service training can make an impact that’s greater than any review on social media.

One of the upsides of technology is that you also have the perfect platform to deliver the most effective training to help your staff improve their customer service skills.


Using eLearning helps staff manage their own learning,
build on their existing knowledge
and learn how to communicate effectively with customers.

Why scenario-based customer service training?

  • It’s a ‘safe environment’ where staff can upskill and learn from their mistakes without dealing with real consequences.
  • 360º real-life simulations put staff on the sales floor so they can practise welcoming customers.
  • Short branching scenarios enable staff to click and test responses to tricky questions.
  • Training is personalised and self-directed so staff can access the skills they need.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake product and price
as the key brand differentiator.
It’s not enough for staff to just know the facts about a product,
they need to understand customers’ needs and answer them.

Is scenario-based customer service training right for my staff?

Staff will no longer be required to impart basic knowledge about a product, they need to impart knowledge that sells and builds trust.

When 30% of consumers have already said they’re willing to spend more with a company they believe provides excellent customer service, you know it’s worthwhile giving your staff the best training possible!


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