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Just under a year ago we where approached by two ladies with a good idea. It had been just over four years since the Christchurch earthquakes and children who had then, just been born where now, showing signs of struggling with the aftermath. Not to mention the anxiety issues that children who could remember the event where now having. Sarina is one parent trying to help her daughter and together with her good friend Julie, they went past finding the solution to making the solution.


Yesterday the books where launched at a fantastic ceremony that included everyone’s wishes being released into the air on white balloons. It was a real pleasure to be part of the process of these books from working with both Julie and Sarina and to once again have the opportunity to design with Jenny Coopers gorgeous illustrations. Everyone I have mentioned this project to knows of someone who the books could help. Here’s the link to buy them if you don’t have a lucky Year 0-4 student at a Canterbury school who will be one for free.