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Did you know that humans designed the bullet train by observing the hunting abilities of a kingfisher?

That aircrafts were designed by observing the way sharks glide through water?

How does bird watching and shark gliding help with the success of your business?

They emphasise the importance of deep observation and critical thinking.

As machines become smarter and replace most of our repetitive tasks, certain skills will be more valuable than others.

The World Economic Forum states that these 3 skills will give your business a competitive edge in 2030:

  1. Critical thinking skills:
    The ability to analyse complex information. Doctors, research analysts and writers will benefit from having these skills.
  2. Soft skills:
    The ability to communicate, empathise and form relationships. Business developers, coaches and counsellors will need to have these skills.
  3. Advanced technological skills:
    The ability to analyse data, and use technology to research and invent. These are skills that data analysts, programmers and engineers will need to have.

So how can you shift your worker’s mindset so that they become problem solvers and explorers?

Start embracing an exploratory learning model.

We know it’s scary.
The digital landscape is wild and unpredictable, so let us be your digital compass and we’ll help your company navigate its way into the future of work.

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