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Wow it’s hard to believe that we are finally here.

Sarah and Maria have had a fantastic road trip with two one way tickets on the ferry and big, big drive carrying not only their personal items, but their workstations and the server. True little camels they were.

Kim has just spent 10 days up here helping us all to settle in and to show our new studio manager and production coordinator Nigel Longstaff the ropes.

Nigel will be the chief organiser in Auckland and a man you may want to get to know. He’ll be making sure deadlines are met, quotes are accurate and everyone has everything they need on time. His email is nigel@bookdesign.co.nz

Nigel is a production, customer service and communications specialist who has a wide range of experience in managing creative studio’s and pre-press departments with a solid background in print procurement. He comes to us highly recommended after working at Hachette for many years with a wonderful group of people he still calls his family. We say ‘it’s time to move over Hachette – he’s ours now’ and we are really looking forward to having him as part of our team.

There will be an opening party and very soon too. We just need to get the signage up and put the beers in the fridge. Watch this space.

Christchurch is also still up and running. We haven’t abandoned our studio there at all. Kim and our new accounts lady Cherie Woolford are enjoying having swimming pools now instead of work stations as there is so much space. Skype is keeping us all in touch and doing a really good job. If you search Skype for any of our first names and then bookdesign you’ll find us e.g. sarahbookdesign.

For all our clients the only change will be our courier address and lack of powercuts. Our workflows will be the same as always and you shouldn’t notice any difference in dealing with your favourite designer. If you are sending us anything that is needed for production please use one of our free courier bags (just let us know if you need some more) to

9a Birkenhead Ave
Auckland 0626

We’ve also set up a facebook page to help keep everyone up-to-date. ‘Like’ us at Book Design

I really need to finish with a big huge thank you to all our clients for being so patient, supportive and faithful throughout all of these changes. It’s certainly been a year to remember and we are so glad to have made it. Thank you all.

Now lets bring it on …

Sounds good? Then get in touch…

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