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When it comes to retail, education is critical.  Retail is known for its high staff turnover, but that is not the only concern.  The internet has made bricks-and-mortar shoppers more knowledgeable and has consequently put pressure on staff to keep up to speed. Companies that create today’s best products are now introducing their wares more quickly into the marketplace. Furthermore, retail systems are becoming more sophisticated. And staff are required to be familiar with tightening consumer legislation.

It is no surprise, therefore, that employees require more comprehensive career development. According to the PwC, Last Millennials survey, 46% of young employees in the retail sector consider an employer more attractive if they offer interesting career development opportunities.

Providing the right learning tools also has clear business benefits. Last year’s retail sector benchmark, Towards Maturity, conducted in the US,  reports that “retailers are improving revenue, productivity and behavioural change amongst employees as a result of adopting technology-enabled learning, but there is still more opportunity to be had”.

Enter Instructional Design, a performance-based approach to education, which puts the focus on what gets learned, more than on what gets taught.  With Instructional Design learning goals are clearly established and each student’s progress is measured,  enabling a focus on long term outcomes for the business. In other words instructional design enables learning to become part of the strategic measurement system of a business.

eLearning takes your content and instructional design to the next stage.  eLearning is designed and developed so that your existing educational content can be chunked into discrete knowledge objects to provide greater flexibility. Students can access these objects through pre-set learning paths, use skills assessments to create individualized study plans.

Smart Learning is Smartwork Creative’s approach to helping organisations and institutions transform their current content into instructive and immersive platforms that make measurable changes to behaviour.

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