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The demand for learning, training and education continues to grow at exponential rates. Technology has created not only an accelerated cycle of change but also a corresponding need to distribute the skills necessary to adapt.

Smartwork Creative has a suite of tools and strategies for organisations to efficiently and effectively support their learning environment, helping them engage and interact with relevant knowledge and practices in ways that are not only convenient and digestible but also rigorous and applicable.

Building on our years of experience designing print books for many publishers including Cengage, ESA, Pearson, Gilt Edge, Scholastic, Macmillan, Learning Media, LiveWire and Te Aho o Te Kura  Pounamu (The Correspondence School)., we are now able to take existing educational material and adapt it to a digital platform of your choice. Alternatively, we can help you find a platform that will work for your publishing model.

This is exactly what Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu are doing. Three years after we completed a four-year print-based curriculum upgrade (see our blog post ‘circles in life’), we are once again revisiting this material and converting it for distribution through Te Kura’s OTLE platform. Teachers are now able to track students’ engagement and communicate directly with distance students, opening doors and possibilities for many.

In the workplace the demands are increasing for applied learning — necessary for compliance and certification — as well as ‘soft skills’, such as management and interpersonal skills. In addition to enabling core ability, employees demand the support and development necessary to enhance their career and maintain their relevance in the workforce.

We are applying digital tools and technology but we are also deploying more than 20 years’ experience in instructional design and engagement – from children’s storybooks and literature to school texts and functional non-fiction. Our approach is user-centric and humanistic, rather than simply mechanical or, ironically, book-learned.

Lifelong learning is a critical process for organisations and, indeed, for New Zealanders in general if we are to maintain our competitive edge and be relevant in a world that won’t wait.