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Studio Happenings 8 – 31 May

8–31 May

So much for doing this every week. My good intentions didn’t take long to fly out the window. Although that’s not through laziness but being wonderfully, buzzingly busy. Alistair is keeping those POC’s flying out the window and we are having so much fun wowing clients with them.

Quest Apartments have come on board this month and Aimee has her instructional design hat working out how to bring out the best in their training module.

Dana is lost under a pile of picture books. We hope to dig her out by Christmas as that’s when they will all be in the shops. We can let you in on the secret that Scholastic NZ has some goodies coming out.

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (The Correspondence School) have confirmed their NCEA Level 3 subjects with us and the contracts have been flying. All signing on the bottom line has happened and Aimee and JJ are off and racing into another batch. It’ll be a shame to think this might be the last year of this contract as we have really enjoyed working with the Te Kura team.

Which brings me to the wonderful work that our sales team have been doing.

Matt Martin










Matt Martin has been super busy in working with Alistair to sell our virtues to Auckland Transport. The wonderful L&D and HR teams there have asked us to help them with the delivery of their Health and Safety packages, along with Alcohol and Drug policies and Flexible Workforce. Matt is good at opening doors and creating all sort of opportunities for the design team to step in and make real.

Meanwhile Mikael Aldridge has been busy appointment setting and filling in my weeks. The reason we are lucky enough to showcase so much of our work is thanks to Mikael’s dosal tones down the phone, convincing Learning and Development managers that they really do need to see the exciting packages we are creating. This month I’ve visited the Langham Hotel, FMA, Paramount Services and Harrison’s Group, plus as I mentioned earlier we have began working with Quest Apartments. All thanks to Mikael’s hard work.

Now because of these busy chaps Carolyn has needed to find a way a better way of keeping track of our pipeline. After mega research we have adopted Salesforce has our CRM. It’s early days yet and we haven’t fully released it on the team, but fingers crossed it helps to keep everything in line and the pipe flowing.

Studio Happenings 1 – 5 May

1 – 5 May

It’s the month of POC’s. That’s Proof of Concept for the uninitiated. We are having lots of exciting conversations with franchises, corporate retail and manufacturers. All are wanting to gain better engagement with their learning. The best way to WOW the conversation is to offer to take a snippet of their content and show them what we can do. Today’s we presented to Auckland Transport and enjoyed showing them how we can bring their content to life.

Reading through some old blogs I see that we started our thinking on how to get better engagement in learning in 2012 with the work we were doing with publishers and how to take this through to a digital environment. That’s 5 years ago! It just shows how far ahead of the curve we really are.

Studio Happenings 10 – 14 April

10 – 14 April

Alistair – Has beautifully produced our methodology (commonly referred to as a mothodology with a wee spelling mistake) into a usable form. Essential reading if you are not wanting in moth holes in your learning.

There’s also been some very clever e-learning POC’s produced this week – but they are top secret until we have shown then to the client – that’s a watch this space moment. We are really enjoying ‘Bringing People’s Content to Life.’

Kim – Has been thinking about the beginning of the learning journey and how to introduce learners into an organisations new e-learning environment (especially after watching Sugata Mitra, Child Driven Education TedTalk last week) and also the end of the journey – how we can bring data down to earth and make it usable and applicable to everyday life.

It’s been a busy book week too with Dana beginning designs for a Joy Davidson’s next self-published children’s picture book Titan and Journal for NZCER while sending another self-published title “The Single Dad’s Guide to the Galaxy’ off to the printers. Can’t wait to share that one with you when we see the printed copies in a few weeks time. Plus Dana logged the 4000 job in our production management system with a design for some Certificates for Rolleston Christian School. Now that’s a lot of work that has flowed through our doors.

Anne is been made a huge effort to get two big pro-bono projects in time for the Entwined Creative Fibre Festival in Christchurch next week. We’ve completed all the branding for the festival and this last big push was for the Runway and Exhibition catalogues. It makes it all seem worthwhile when you get such lovely comments from the client:

Dear Anne
Many many thanks for the wonderful work you’ve done with the catalogue.

But the week ended with a bit of a fizz. We all sat and watched our own Mr Cook waiting for the cyclone (prepared as advised by the media), but despite all going home early on Thursday – nothing happened. Perhaps we were watching the wrong event. Sorry, Alistair.

Happy Easter everyone. May the bunny bring you lots of yummy sweet treats.


Studio Happenings 3 – 7 April

3-7 April

Dana – Did you see the animation JJ smashed out last week?

Aimee – This week I’ve covered topics from Fish oil to health supplements, plumbing, physics, agriculture and entertainment systems.
It’s never boring.

Alistair at morning tea – always a great sharing time. Have you seen this Ted Talk from Sugata Mitra on Child-driven education? Just fantastic stuff on why a Granny makes the best teacher for exploratory learning.

Which got us all thinking.
How do you take this enquiry learning module into the adult education world? What is the best way to introduce learning in this environment? I’m sure there is another blog topic coming up here as I’ve found all sorts of great answers to this question.

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